Reading and Grammar

There are a lot of great reading sites.  The following are some that help your child read better while others are just for pleasure.

Starfall Learn to Read is a great fun site to supplement your child’s reading curriculum.  There is more if you want to become a member but the free stuff is so great that you don’t need a membership.

Children’s Storybooks Online is a fun site with different stories to read.  The stories are not narrated however.                                                                                                    

Progect Gutenbeg is a website dedicated to free e-books.  Enough said.            

Ancient Faith Radio is an Orthadox Christian website giving you access to podcasts and a lot more.  I am a Christian but I do not associate myself as an Orthadox.  The main reason for posting this site is that they have a free audio download for the Chronicles of Narnia.                                                       

I will rarely recommend a resource that you will have to buy or pay a membership fee.  However, when I find one that I truly love I recommend it.  Shurley English is such a resource.  My daughter thrives on this program.  It is fun enough that my son, who is at tactile/kinesthetic learner, will like it too.                            

Free Language Stuff website is good.  It isn’t the greatest but if you need some extra worksheets for grammar and language it is a good place to go, for free.                                                  


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