Math and Science

Khan Academy is a great site.  It takes the student from basic addition up to calculus.  This site also has lectures on science, economics, and history.  Test Prep is another feature of the site.  This site is free.  You can login using a Google or Facebook account if you would like to save your progress.  I do suggest donating a small amount so that the site can remain free for many others.                                 

Free Math Worksheets is a program that allows you to generate your own worksheets.  Just fill in the form and click on the Generate button and the program does the rest.  I needed to play around with it for a while before I got the hang of it.                                                                             

Count Us In Games is a website with some fun games to help kids with basic math skills.  It is a fun break from worksheets.                                                                                  

Science Fair Projects is a really fun website.  They have projects easy enough for your kindergarteners. has this great bird study.  There are birds from the eastern and western part of the US.  Each page come with a picture that you kids can color.  There are observation questions about the birds.  This is great to take to the park.                                                                                                                                 



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