In my Head

Being a Trail Blazer BITES!

It is a day like this that I just want to wash my hands of the whole homeschool community. They don’t get our family. They don’t get my son. They don’t get ANYTHING about us!!!!!!! AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH.

What brings on this tantrum? My local homeschool publication came in the mail today. It is the one where the speakers for the annual conference are introduced and topics presented. As I hopefully look through the listings I become dejected. It is the same old stuff and nothing that helps me with a kid with disabilities. There is nothing on how to actually teach a subject. These workshops are mainly curriculum ideas. I get that we are autonomous by nature but it would be nice to have a bit of instruction for myself. I would like more instruction because, as I have stated in the past, complete curriculums do not work for us. They don’t take into account the kinetic nature of many kids with disabilities. And as I have stated in the past I have acquired a hodgepodge of material that addresses those very needs.

Perhaps it is time to be vocal about my needs because they can’t just be my needs but other’s as well. There needs to be a voice. If it is not my voice for my son then who’s? In my homeschool co-op I have been a voice for those kids who need extra help. I am making slow progress but at least there is progress.

Be that voice that you need. Be that advocate for your kids. Be the one that shakes up your homeschool community and to make it better in the process. Heck start your own blog, write articles, and spread the word. Perhaps we will find together that we are not in such a small minority after all.

May God give you patience and grace. Keep on trail blazing!


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