Music Appreciation

Wait! Hold on come back to this one. It isn’t what you are probably expecting. I know. I see blog posts like these and they give a long list of resources and how to implement this with crafts and activities and writing assignments, and math problems, and the science of music. And catch my breath…….. When did homeschooling become so complicated? But that is another post.

I got it. You are feeling overwhelmed by homeschooling your kiddo with a disability. The basics are hard enough. And to try to add another thing! No way! Not going to happen. But you can still add in a music appreciation class via youtube. That is correct youtube videos are our music appreciation class. At first I only showed videos of orchestras playing classical music. Now I have expanded our repertoire. Currently Lindsey Sterling is our favorite. She is a violinist that does amazing work. Love her! My daughter’s ballet teacher brought her into the light for us. Those of you who are America’s Got Talent fans will recognize her. I do not watch the show so I have been in the dark!

Back to the music. As I was saying we have enjoyed her music videos. They are kid friendly (mostly) with an element of fantasy in them. My son may not be able to tell you what a scale, treble or base clef, or tempo are. He will learn how beautiful music sounds. How it stirs emotions and can tell a story. My son can sit through a concert without asking for the iphone because he enjoys music (he does bring with him a small toy or something to manipulate in his hands because he needs that stimulus to be able to sit).

So relax. Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and put aside some time for music appreciation class. Here are a few videos to get you started.

May God give you patience and grace. Keep on Trail Blazing!


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