Encouraging Words

Simple Holidays are Best

I have tried to post this for the last 2 days. I have made 3 drafts but each did not post with an error message. My title was 1000 Way to Make the Holidays More Meaningful. Then I went into the reason for the title and then gave you my 1 tip and how we simplify in our house. It was a beautiful post. And I truly wanted to share all those words of wisdom. But alas it was not meant to be. However, my tip for all you this year is simply to:


That is it. So go simplify. Don’t stress over your simple holiday plans. You need to simplify for your own sanity and because having a kid with sensory issues this time of year is tough. Don’t over plan the season to the point that you can’t enjoy the season. So what if you only have 4 sides to the Thanksgiving meal; 2 of them being cranberry sauce and store bought rolls. So what if you don’t do Elf on the Shelf or Advent Calendars or bake cookies for the neighborhood.

Take a step back. Breathe. You are doing good.

You don’t have to do every thing with everyone. Saying “No” is okay. With friends and family wanting our time I have to say no, a lot. However, it has allowed our family of 4 to niche out traditions that we want to do and that the kids are interested in doing. Be flexible and be willing to ditch traditions that are not working. Or at the very least modify them so they can work.

Like I stated above, I had a beautifully written post on many ways to simplify. Ironically the post itself was not simplified. So taking a cue I will end the simple post with a simple message.

May your days be filled with joy. May you and your children find the wonder in the simple things. May God give you patience and grace. Keep on trail blazing! 

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