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Let them figure it out


I don’t know if you can tell by the picture but my kiddos got a frisbee stuck in our magnolia tree. I have been watching them try to get it down for the past 30 minutes. They haven’t come to me for help and I am just letting them figure it out. I did jump in when they decided that a shovel was the best method. I suggested the broom and pointed out that the ladder was available. Other than that I haven’t given any help on how to solve this problem.
Sometimes as parents we jump in to quickly to solve the problem for our kids. Sometimes we wait to long and then there is disaster. It is a delicate line we walk as parents. When to reel in the kids and when to let them go. I say that if it isn’t going to cause a disaster, like someone getting hit on the head with the shovel one is using to get a frisbee out of a tree, let them go for it. Social situations are different, especially with a kid with a disability. Those I try to step in sooner so I can have my son actually do what is needed to resolve the situation.
Like all things knowing when to step in is a learning curve for us parents. I really would have liked an instruction book. Sigh, and now the frisbee is on the roof.
May God give you patience and grace. Keep on trail blazing.


Science Summers

Let’s face it there is a boat load of things we have to get done in the school year and many things go by the wayside. That is why this year we are trying something new. SCIENCE SUMMER! Even though I love science (BS in Health Science, baby) it is just one of those subjects that get put on the back burner many of the times. Okay, I will be honest, a lot of the time. That is why this winter I thought to just do away with science in the classroom and start up in the summer. This summer we will be raising our own butterflies, tracking the weather with our own weather station, and learning to classify animals (Zoo Trip!). This is my plan on June 1st. We will see if the plan sticks. Wish me luck!

May God give you patience and grace. Keep trail blazing!