Reading: When to Stay and When to Go

As I teach my son to read I have noticed his speech delay holding him back from going on to the next lesson. In our case it is the next page of our phonics book. We would spend up to two weeks on a single lesson because I wanted him to pronounce the words perfectly. I was doing this thinking that it would help with his speech. The only thing I got at home was a frustrated reader and self defeat in my little guy because he could not say the word.

Then I had another “well duh,” moment. Of course he is not going to read perfectly because of his speech delay. So I decided that if he got the majority of the page read then we will go on. As we went faster with the reading lessons he became more confident and started to like reading. A current example of this is the following. We are learning ch and tch. Because of they way his mind works he adds a g to words with m at the beginning. Much is mugch and match is magtch. I correct him and work on saying the word correctly but this isn’t going to stop us from going on to the next page of ch/tch words. I can also tell his speech therapist what is happening at home and she can incorporate those problem sounds into his therapy session. My little guy wins! He is happy that he is reading and he is getting the extra help he needs at therapy.

Again it all comes down to knowing your kid and not striving for the homeschool perfection. So if you and your child/children are frustrate with the pace of a subject then kick it up a notch. It just might help them gain confidence to learn. They will probably surprise you in leaps of learning instead of baby steps. My guy is still amazing me with his leaps.

May God give you grace and patience. Keep on trail blazing.


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