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Let the Children Help

Chores, it something all kids need. Trust me on this. I was the kid with very little chores to do and I am the adult who struggles keeping her house clean. But I am also a total otter, who married a beaver, and I just want to play ( look up personality quiz with lion, otter, retriever, and beaver). My kiddos are otters too. So chores are an essential learning tool for them. I started each out at age 4 helping to unload the dishwasher, sweeping, and cleaning the bathroom. Then I oversaw the work with a cup of coffee and giving a few directions on what to do. Now they can do almost everything in the house so while they do one chore I can take on another and we can bust out the house in no time. I still miss the days of overseeing and coffee.

The other day all this hard work paid off when my kids cleaned the house for Valentine’s Day. The only problem was that it wasn’t perfect. My towels where folded in squares when they needed to be rectangles. The corners of the house where not swept but had dog hair still visible, and the dishes where not loaded. But you know what that was okay. It was more than okay it was GREAT! My kiddos, the little, playful otters, cleaned the house on their own for Mom. I did not nit pick at the way they did it on their own. I praised them. I even left my messy, folded but messy, linen closet as it was.

Let your kids help. Train them to keep a home. Nothing has to be perfect at this time. They are kids and are not going to achieve an adult’s requirement of perfection. When you train in a gentle way they will have more “fun” learning. And you might get a surprise of a clean house when they are 10 and 8.

May God give you grace and patience. Keep on trail blazing.


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