It is Never to late to Start a Family Tradition

Our oldest is 10, our youngest is 8 and we are still coming up with fun family traditions.  In fact we just started one last weekend.  We are calling our new tradition Dessert First Sunday.  Yes, that is correct, every  most Sundays we are going to eat dessert first and then have dinner later.  My parents invited us out for frozen yogurt late in the afternoon.  Well I was taking a nap so the hubby took the kids to let me rest.  When they got back they brought home dinner.  As the family conversation moved to having dessert and then dinner and how funny it was, a genious statement came out of a child’s mouth.  “We should have dessert first all the time!”  Then a more genious statement came from my hubby, “We should have dessert first Sundays!”  That was immediately a big hit.  So there it is: Dessert First Sundays.  Hopefully this will become a special tradition that the kiddos can carry on into their families!  I am hoping for a Dessert First Revolution!  So there you go.  It isn’t to late to start a family tradition that may last for generations!



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