In the Kid Zone

Boot Camp for Non-Listeners

What do you do when your kids are just not listening?  I mean when they really are not listening.  They are actively not listening to you.  I get this a lot with arguments between kiddos.  They start to argue on who is the best at __________ or who is Dad’s partner.  Whatever it is I tell them to stop the argument and find another topic to talk about.  But they keep going and I ask them to stop.  Yet they keep going and Mom’s voice is louder telling them to stop.  Oh, but no they keep going and by this time Mom is yelling above the voices to be QUIET and LISTEN to her.

Instead of getting to that point of QUIET PLEASE I have decided to take a different approach to command active listening.  We go to boot camp.  This is a 5-10 minute blitz of listening to Mom and doing whatever she requests.  Kind of like Simon Says but it isn’t meant to be a fun little game.  If you have a whistle this is even better!

So here is your tactical plan to defeat non-listening syndrome.  Take the kids outside, if possible, and have them do a loop of exercises.  Start with jumping jacks, then sprints or running in place, sit ups, push ups if they can, lunges across the yard or living room, pop ups (this is just squatting, touching your toes, and then popping back up into a jump), or any other exercises; the routine possibilities are endless.  Just make sure that your kiddos know what is expected of them.  Oh, and your number one rule: No complaining, just listening.

Every time you need to reinforce active listening switch up the order of exercises.  This way the kids won’t memorize the routine.  By actively engaging mind and body it helps get your point across a lot easier.  And best of all Boot Camp can be done anywhere.  Not listening on the family road trip?  Next rest stop is boot camp.  Not listening on a family fun day at a park?  Boot Camp!  I mean the possibilities are almost endless!

So next time Non-Listening Syndrome hits your kiddos hit it back with a little mind stimulation and exercise!


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