Encouraging Words

You know your a mom….

You know your a mom….
…. when you change your “L” to “W” but are talking to the cashier. Ex: I just needed a wittle chocowate bar
…. if going grocery shopping alone feels like a vacation
…. when dinning with your husband you dip your napkin in water to clean his face
…. if your youngest is potty trained but you still have a diaper bag filled with emergency supplies, like diaper wipes, in your car (if you don’t, you should they come in handy all the time, listen to experience)
…. when a hot, long, morning shower is like a day at the spa
…. when you wonder where dry shampoo has been all your life
…. if you can’t remember when you had a hot meal at the family dinner table
…. when you scoff at fire walkers; you can walk a hall covered with legos while balancing 2 folded loads of laundry! amateurs…
…. when you have no more theories on raising kids
…. when you have memorized the kids section at the library and get lost in the adult section (what there is another part of the library!?!)
…. when your little ones look like a picture for church and you are in jeans and a “nice” t-shirt (hey it happens)
…. when a friend asks “you” to coffee and it is automatically is translated as “me and the kids” in your mind (this is most likely if you home school because finding a sitter during the day is next to impossible)


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