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Janurary & February Saint, Composer, Artist Yr 2

So I thought I had posted January and February Saint, Composer, and Artist posts.  But I didn’t and here they are sitting in drafts.  I am combining these as well so you get only one post and not two


Starting strong in the New Year. Enjoy the following resources!

Saint: We do a study on the Magi or Wise men. So little is known about them but they are fascinating characters in history. I particularly like the description that Lew Wallace (author of Ben Hur) gives, fictional that it may be. We celebrate Epiphany which is 12 days after Christmas.

Composer: A well know composer George Frideric Handel is heard the world over every Christmas. Again, I went in search for a composition that I wasn’t as familiar with. Here is the music For the Royal Fireworks. What a great song for the New Year!

Artist: Keeping with the theme of the Magi here is Abraham Bloemaert (1566-1651), Adoration of the magi, 1624
Utrecht, Centraal Museum



Saint:  Of course it is St. Valentine but he didn’t have a happy ending.  Instead he was a martyr.  His story, or what little we know of it, is fasincating.

Composer: Arcangelo Corelli, honestly I didn’t recognize the name but did recognize the following composition.  The links are in 2 parts.

Arcangelo Corelli, Concerto Grosso op. VI, n.4 (parte 1):

Arcangelo Corelli, Concerto Grosso op. VI, n. 4 (parte 2):

Artist:  Keeping with the winter theme here is a great site for the artist Joseph Farquharson.  He was a also a Scottish laird.


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