Monthly Art Music Saint Studies

April and May Saints, Composers, and Art Yr. 2

I have not been on here for two months!  Really!  It isn’t like I could take time out of my day, or at the very least a Sunday afternoon, to write up a little post.  Do you want to read about my excuses reasons: spring soccer and girl scouts.  Yes, I agree, enough said.  So here is what I was planning on doing the months of April and May.  That is correct, we didn’t even get to the lesson plan those two months.  Oh well, these are just extra enrichment topics that will be revisited during the summer months.


Saint:  Since Easter is usually in April and we always visit St. Patrick in March we continued with the Easter story up through the Ascension (this we actually did).

ComposerHenry Purcell The Fairy Queen Suite, I am giving a little reprieve to my kiddos with this composer.  It has nothing to do with the death and resurrection of Christ but because of the heaviness of the subject I wanted to add a little taste of spring and flowers.  At least that is what I think of when fairies come to mind!

Artist:  Because of the theme of the crucifixion I am adding the Pietá by Michelangelo.  It is the sculpture depicting Mary holding the lifeless body of her son Jesus.  The actual piece is located in St. Peter’s Basilica.  This has always touched me and even more so now that I am a momma myself.  Some times I think we tend to gloss over the Bible with kids to “protect” them.  Yes, there are some themes that I don’t want to have to discuss with my kids but others I believe need more reality put to them.  I think this sculpture adds that visual reality to what actually happened on the cross.


Saint: St. Monica who was the mother of St. Augustine, is said to be a very patient woman who actually brought her husband and mother-in-law to the faith through her piety and generosity.

Composer: Is yet another woman, Elizabeth Jacquet de la Guerre.


Artist: William-Aolphe Bourguereau was a French artist who depicts many scenes of mothers.  In honor of Mother’s Day and Charlotte Mason who emphasizes nature this painting entitled The Shell (1871, oil on canvas) is perfect.  Currently this painting is in a private collection.


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