Monthly Art Music Saint Studies

March Composer, Artist, Saint Yr. 2

Wow, it has been forever since I posted anything.  With us getting sick and my husband having a crazy business travel schedule I just have not had the energy for extra things.  But we are back!  Here is what we are immersing our senses into this month.

Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach, hello I don’t have to post anything more.  We all know this guy and we are all (or should be) familiar with his music.  Instead of posting a well known Bach composition I went on a hunt for a lesser known classic. 

Cantata 157:

Artist: Sketch by James Barry, ‘Baptism of Oengus’, this is a painting of St. Patrick which was in the Irish Parliament until a fire destroyed it in 1794.

You can follow this link to a good article on the many other depictions of St. Patrick:


Saint:  Of course every year it is Saint Patrick!  The kids love this story.  It is a great one for boys especially.  The story has a very adventurous plot.  Have your young ones act out the story.


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