Teaching My “Out Of the Box” Kid Spelling

This year’s spelling lessons have been a bear for my son.  The words are longer with combined sounds that he tends to forget when spelling: ea, ay, ou, oo, ch, ect.  Trying to come up with fun and active games to help him remember has been the challenge.  He started to hold up a finger for each letter of the word to help him remember.  As I watched him coming up with his own help aid I wondered how I could make it more usable and relevent to spelling?  Then it just hit me: Sign Language.  Why I didn’t think about this before?  If I taught him the alphabet then that could help fulfill the kinetic part of his learning.  So as of this week spelling is being reduced to more simple words that he knows so that we can focus on signing the alphabet.  I will update you at the end of the year.

Monthly Art Music Saint Studies

March Composer, Artist, Saint Yr. 2

Wow, it has been forever since I posted anything.  With us getting sick and my husband having a crazy business travel schedule I just have not had the energy for extra things.  But we are back!  Here is what we are immersing our senses into this month.

Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach, hello I don’t have to post anything more.  We all know this guy and we are all (or should be) familiar with his music.  Instead of posting a well known Bach composition I went on a hunt for a lesser known classic. 

Cantata 157: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy9pVA0Iof8

Artist: Sketch by James Barry, ‘Baptism of Oengus’, this is a painting of St. Patrick which was in the Irish Parliament until a fire destroyed it in 1794.  http://www.confessio.ie/more/article_moss/image27

You can follow this link to a good article on the many other depictions of St. Patrick: http://www.confessio.ie/more/article_moss


Saint:  Of course every year it is Saint Patrick!  The kids love this story.  It is a great one for boys especially.  The story has a very adventurous plot.  Have your young ones act out the story.  http://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=89