Monthly Art Music Saint Studies

October Composer, Artist, and Saint

Yes, I am late again.  I have a good excuse (don’t I always).  The first week of October my son was ill.  It was a stomach thing that knocked him of his feet.  Then the 2nd week of October is Fall Break for my daughter (she attends a charter school).  So of course we played around with her.  I have also been thinking on my format.  I tend to be all over the time line when it comes to composers and artists.  At least with the composers I am going to start in one period and finish that period before I go on to another.  As for the artist of the month I will still be jumping around to different time periods.    This month the composer and Saint are the same person: Hildegard von Bingen.  She is a fascinating figure in history!  I suggest doing more of a study on her.  Enjoy the post and have a blessed Harvest Season!

October Artist Miko Virius: Žetva / Harvest, Oil, canvas, Croatian Museum of NaÏve Art                                                                                                                                                    Sajam Sajamu Koprivnici / Fair in Koprivnica 1939, Oil, canvas                                                      

October Composer is Hildegard von Bingen: Ave Maria                                

October Saint is Hildegard Von Bingen: Nun, theologian, Doctor, composer and writer.


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