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Speech Delay: What is going on?

My son is 7 now.  With speech therapy he is getting those expressive processes into place.  We have been blessed to be able to get him two sessions a week (with a family members financial help).  He has been growing in language a lot faster than most kids with his disability.  Yet that is a part the problem.  We don’t know what is going on with him.  I have worked as a Developmental Specialist and have been dragging my feet to get an appointment with a child psychologist.  Not only because of the cost but I am pretty sure the diagnosis will probably be presented: high functioning aspergers with ADHD.  Yah, that doesn’t fit our son.  Then our speech therapist suggested genetic testing.  The lights went on!  Bingo that is what I was missing.  Why hadn’t I thought of that?  There are many chromosomal “abnormalities” (for lack of a better word) that cause an expressive language delay and not a receptive language delay.  Talking it over with my husband it became a beacon of hope that we could really get to the bottom of what was going inside our son.  Geneticists have come a long way in their field to help pin point certain genetic differences.  This is also good for our family because we have a niece younger than our son who has been through all the “traditional” testing.  She isn’t diagnosed either.  I suggested genetic testing to my sister-in-law as well.  It could very well be a family gene that we just have to be aware of as more kids are added to our number.  Also it would be good to know for my daughter if she ever decides to have kids.  Information is key and being able to find the right information is priceless.  As we move forward in this process I just pray that God will guide the doctor and show us how to help our son even more!

“Let the children come to me, and  do not hinder them,  for to such belongs the kingdom of God. Truly, I say to you, whoever does not  receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” Luke 18:16-17


It Be Pirate Day!

Ahoy! buckos it’s talk like a pirate day!  Time for a swashbuckling good time!  We be wearing our eye patches today and reading some pirate books.  So sail over to yer library and check out these books:

Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies

Henry and the Crazed Pirate Chickens

How I became a Pirate

Pirates Don’t Change Diapers

And for the older kids who can forget Treasure Island!

A pirate treasure hunt is a mighty fun time using your nature studies, arrrrr!

Monthly Art Music Saint Studies

Art, Music, and Saint for September

This post is a while in coming.  Actually we have done little school at our house.  Instead we have been working on putting up fruit and corn for the winter.  We have made jam, jelly, canned fruit, applesauce (soon to be made), pearsauce, and frozen corn.  Yep, winter will be filled with the delights of the harvest.  We are finally done and are just waiting for our favorite apple orchard to open for pick you own.  In the mean time here are what we are dabbling in at our house.  Enjoy!

September Artist Henriette Brown:  Girl Writting oil on canvas, Museum of Childhood, London                                                                                                                                                          Upbringing oil on canvas, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany (many websites state this location but when I visited their website I could not find the painting)          

September Composer is Nicolo Paganini: Caprice No 24                              

September Saint is Saint Ambrose: