Nature Studies

Balancing Act of Spring

It has been widely believed that you can only stand an egg  up during the first day of Spring.  This, I am sad to say, is not true.  With a lot of patience you can stand an egg up any time of year.  Here is a link that explains the whole wacky thing of standing up an egg.

So sorry to ruin your science experiment for the day.  Don’t worry I won’t leave you with no project.  I like this one: make your own weather station.  This is such a fun idea that my daughter doesn’t want to be left out.  We are going to do this after she comes home from school.  I think it is perfect, especially where we are in the North West.  March can have  does have crazy weather where we live.  So have some science fun, just make sure it is true science!  Enjoy!

Weather Station Link:


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