In the Kid Zone

Move the School!

My son is on the go, all the time, everyday.  It is hard for him to sit still while watching a movie.  It is hard for him to be still while reading books with mom or dad.  It is hard….well you get the point.  I would like some one to build me a treadmill where I can run him and collect the energy to power my house.  With all this activity you could imagine how hard it is for him to still at the table to do school.  At times I have to move school to keep him interested.  I do believe that to be able to sit still and have patience is a skill that needs to be taught and practiced.  However, being flexible so that learning can happen is a perk with home schooling.  Today my son and I had school on the family room floor.  I bought a clear plastic sheet at my local hardware store so that my kids can do art products on it and not get my table messy with glue and paint (see pic below).  I placed our sheet on the floor and got out our writing and math.  Just being in a different location or position really helps my son to concentrate on his work.  It isn’t a studious attention, that isn’t him, but I do have less complaints and whining that he doesn’t want to do school or that he is too hot to do school.  We have a pub table so that when we are working at the table my son can stand and not sit. 

Other places that I have done school is at the library, outside in our backyard, and at a park without a playground.  Having school in your front yard would be interesting too!  When moving to a new location for school remember to bring the minimum.  You are not going to bring your whole school room to the library or the park.  Pick things that would be easy to do and then provide a lesson using the place that you are visiting.  Obviously at the library you can look up books on the history lesson you are working on or when at the park your nature study comes into play.  Don’t get into a rut with where schooling has to happen.  Have fun!

Below is a picture of a 18″ by 24″ clear plastic sheet that I bought for my kids.  At my local hardware store (Home Depot) they are as small as 8″x10″.


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