Encouraging Words

Treasuring Memories in Your Heart and not on Social Media

For the past several Mother’s Days, I have pondered what it means to be present. How will I be present in life? Do I do things that seemingly gives the appearance of being present?

At what point do we, as Christians, cross the humility and bragging line with all our social media posts?  At what point are we just lying to ourselves and to our friends and family about the true state of our own family?  I don’t have the answer to that.  I do offer a challenge for moms.  Keep reading.

But I have been pondering what the moms of the Bible did. Specifically Mary and Elizabeth.  Elizabeth secluded herself for 5 months.  There are many theories as to why but I think it was to enjoy the time she so longed for.  Was this for real?  She was feeling morning sickness and major mood swings along with extreme joy.  I wonder what moms craved during those days?  After the 5 months, Mary had come to visit her because the angel told her Elizabeth was with child. And that child leaped inside her.  How amazing! How precious.  And she shared that moment with one other woman.

After Jesus was born the Holy Family were visited by shepherds.  They probably told them how they knew the baby was born and where to find them.  The news spread with those men and what did Mary do? She treasured these moments.  What would that be like?  To not have all the distractions of the modern world and just meditate, ponder, and treasured memories.

Are we truly present in the moment when we are behind the camera?  Are we truly living the moment when we are just thinking about the amazing FB post that is taking place?  What if we took a 1-week challenge. Putting down the camera, no posting on social media, just telling your husband, family, or close friends about the wonderful things happening with your kids.  What if we truly lived the moment and treasured these moments in our heart.  This may mean not posting your Birthday gifts from the kids on FB. This may mean not posting that generous action your child did for someone else or for you on Instagram.  What would your reaction to not posting be?  What could God show us in these moments about ourselves?  Will you accept the challenge?

P.S. You can’t post that you are doing the challenge either.  Yes, I know you too well. We are too much alike. 😂

We are all in this mom tribe together!

Encouraging Words

I See You. I See Your Messy Life.

For all those women who know my messy life and still love and support me. They call me out when I need it and give me grace as well.

I see you, Mom. Yes, you. The one always posting how awesome your kids are or the amazing adventure you had yet again this week. The one posting yet another amazing craft or achievement your kids did.  I see you. I see that your kids defied you all week. I see that your house is a wreck. I see that you are exhausted. I see that you allow way more time on the TV and tablets then you want to admit. I see you. I see through your posts and I still love and support you.

I see you, Wife. Always posting how amazing your husband is. How he is the kindest, most helpful, most understanding man in the World! I see your cute selfies of yet another fabulous date. I see you. I see that you had yet another argument concerning the family finances. I see that you are more like two ships in the night; trying to manage the kids, house, and jobs. I see you. I see right past your pretty posts and I still love and support you.

I see you, Friend. I see your likes of “my style” you say you love to wear. I see your posts of “vulnerability”, this is you being honest. I see your selfies that have your makeup and hair perfect. I see you. I see that you are too embarrassed by your true wardrobe and try to cover it up with Pins. I see that your vulnerable posts are more for the likes and craving the approval of others. I see you. I see right past the facade and I still love and support you.

Life online line is a myth, smoke ‘n mirrors, the life we want to portray. Know that I see your true self. That scares you. It scares you that I see your life without rose-colored glasses. It scares you that I truly know who you are. It scares you that I know your messy life. I still love and support you. I love you with your imperfections. I support you in your real life.


Your Real Life Friend

For more on living your best life as a friend visit the blog momwithpurplehair.wordpress.com


Passover or Easter Sponge Cake

Some of us have to be on a gluten-free diet. This is the case with my son. He is allergic to wheat and it was just easier to go gluten free 12 years ago when my daughter was first diagnosed as well. I will be posting my past tasty treats for your enjoyment. Here is the first one.

Tis the season for light and festive desserts. This is a must during our Easter celebrations. I like angel food cake but I don’t like trying to use up the leftover yolks. In comes the almighty Sponge Cake to the rescue! The whole egg is used and it is a beautiful, fluffy treat that pairs wonderfully with berries. And the best part is it is already gluten-free! Here is the link to this amazing recipe. Hint: make sure your egg whites are at least to medium peaks before adding the sugar.



Encouraging Words

Update on us

I know it has been over a year since this was updated. We have been in an intensive program. It is an educational therapy program and it has been womderful for us! We go through a nonprofit, Christian organization in our town. I put a link to what educational learning therapy is. I hope you all can find something as great as we did. No, my son is not up to grade level. He still struggles with abstract concepts but it is slowly getting easier for him. While not cheap is is making our days just a little bit better.